Life ain’t easy for a boy named Sue. Johnny Cash


Baby features over 50,599 baby names that you can search by sex, meaning, ethnic origin and more. Parents can also search pregnancy tips and parenting advice.

Baby names and meanings features information about many aspects of parenting from pregnancy to family health. Baby names can be searched by origin and meaning and also covers celebrity, popular and baby name trends.

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registries this site has links to registry offices by state and territory.

Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria enables you to search for the most popular first names registered in Victoria by year or decade since 1929.


The following USA Today and ABC News US articles and You Tube video discuss the small but growing trend of men taking their wife’s surname upon marriage in America and the difficulties these men face in doing so.

More men taking wives’ last names: USA Today article

Man fights to take wife’s last name in marriage: ABC news US article


Married and Maiden names: provides comprehensive information about the surnaming customs of different countries and cultures.

Keeping your maiden name after marriage: article considers the reasons women choose to keep their birth surname when they marry.

Should you change your name after getting married? Article on illustrates the range of choices that are available to couples making a decision about their surname when they marry.

Change your name after marriage in China? Speaking of China article Jocelyn Eikenburg provides an interesting discussion about surnaming practices in China and looks at the reasons for and against Western women changing their birth surname when they married their chinese husband.

Catherine Deveny, ‘Why do some wives still change their names?’ Catherine, a Melbourne based comedian and writer, expresses her view on women changing their surname upon marriage.

Reservoir Dad, a Melbourne based stay at home Dad, expresses his views on surnames and childrens names in his blog.

Mum’s Word, Maria Tedeschi expresses her views about surnames and childrens names in her blog.

Lucy Stone League is a feminist movement that has advocated for name change equality for women and men since the 1920s.

Australian single mother information and community forum website – for divorced, ex-defacto, repartnered, separated, pregnant and solo mums.



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New York Times 2011, ‘A Swede by any other name. In fact, many Swedes’ Viewed 29 August 2011

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Stodder J 1998, ‘Double-surnames and gender equality: a proposition and the Spanish case’, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Vol 29, pp. 585-593.


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